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Semester Start Session

Monday 20.10.: Check out how we work, and what's up next!

Autumn Update Roundup

New electronics, extended exoskeleton, overhauled and integrated hydraulics. A first coupling of exoskeleton and wing was achieved!

Dev Update Structures

Some more awesome bits of hardware have been built and tested. Check it out!

CRS and Dev-update

To show everyone the awesome stuff being built by student groups in dresden, Fluglicht teamed up...


You might be wondering, what we have been up too the last few month. The answer is of course: hard at work! Let's bring you up to date.

ILA Berlin 2018

Don't let yourself be confused by the picture. Despite the fact that Fluglicht was there the Star Fox team didn't attend

Wing Architecture

Exoskeletons are all over the place these days, so let's concentrate on the exiting thing: the wings!

Project Inception

Some time in ancient history lizards leart to fly. A couple of years later man got jealous...