CRS and Dev-update

So the new semester in Dresden is fully under way. To show everyone the awesome stuff being built by student groups, Fluglicht teamed up with some amazing folks. Together with Akaflieg Dresden, Elbflorace and Turag, we launched the Constructors Road Show 2018 (see picture above). Akaflieg brought their glider, Elbflorace their Racecar, and Turag one of their Robots. Very impressive! We brought our first prototypes of the arm exoskeleton and the 3D printed hydraulic cylinder:

CRS Stand

A first glimpse of hardware.

It was a great experience and we want to thank the other teams for unbureaucraticly tackling all the unforseen obstacles with us. We had great fun exchanging ideas and experiences in bulding cutting edge hardware. And we hope the road show will become a "thing" in the years to come!

The last month we had some new faces coming in, and some other leaving. But we're still going strong in the development. We tested our 3D printed cylinder realising the importance of proper piston seals. We are developing the first model prototype of the wing structure and are expanding our calculations in aerodynamics and power budgets. Not much to show there, but the work is quite satisfying. We'll share the next update, once the glue has dried on the wing prototype.

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