Dev Update Structures

You probably wonder what we have been up to the last few month. So let's serve the next savory piece of update! We have been bulding the wing structure prototype mentioned before, but let's start with the hydralics.

Below is a picture of our upgraded cylinder prototype. The pressure is supplied by fabulous tap water. The outer cylinder, end caps, and piston are 3d-printed. The deciding change was using a proper sealing ring for the piston (the pink hue visible in the middle). The force it produces is already quite high and will suffice for our sub scale prototype.

Zylinder Prototype

Our cylinder prototype now forcefully moves back and forth.

Apart from that, we have built the prototype of the wing shoulder joint. It is made of laser-cut plywood and will be housing two hydraulic cylinders in the future. The humerus, radius and the elbow joint are not yet assembled in these pictures.

Wing Shoulder Prototype 1

Wing shoulder angled view

Wing Shoulder Prototype 1

Rear view

Wing Shoulder Prototype 1


There has been a lot of development going on at the sensors system and controller group, but nothing presentable yet. The next step will be manufacturing the cylinders for the prototypes and integrating the sensors. And also we are currently developing the valves and controlsystem. So all in all, we are slowly getting there! :D

If you want to see the hardware and team live, visit us at the HSZ this wednesday (2019-04-10)!

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