Autumn Update Roundup

Lots of stuff happend since April. We iterated our hydraulics, improved the exoskeleton, and developed the necessary electrical and software system to itegrate it all. The pictures below show the assembled wing elbow skeleton with our new cylinder type:

Wingskeleton Prototype

The position of the joint is measured with a simple potentiometer.

Wingskeleton Prototype

We moved from fully 3D printed cylinders to 3D printed endcaps in an aluminium mantle. This takes alot less time to print and has a tighter seal.

Cylinder Iteration

Cylinder and Piston iterations. For the piston head, we started from simple packed felt and went over a hydrodynamic seal to a NBR sealing ring. They all worked to some extent, with the NBR ring being the least leaky, highest friction alternative.

Wingskeleton Prototype

The second cylinder assembly for the exoskeleton elbow.

The exoskeleton has also been heavily extended to include the shoulder and backpack. Here is a video of the Mark II in the lab! Many thanks to the HZDR for letting us shoot there!


The electronics went from zero to hero. Using pulse width modulation, an arduino, and some HexFETs, we managed to control the new 4/3 directional valve. This enabled us to couple the movement of the wing skeleton to the movement of the exoskeleton. Here is the (crappy) video to prove it! We wanted to do a better video in the lab, but life happend...

Broken Distributor

Guess, what's wrong in this picture.

So this summer has seen huge leaps in the hardware, and we're proud to show them off. You can see it live at the Constructors Road Show 2019! We will present the hardware together with the constructs of Elbflorace, Turag and the Akaflieg next Tuesday (2019-10-15) in front of the Hörsaalzentrum of TU Dresden. Check it out!

CRS 2019-10-15
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